WILD OCEAN was created by two young people fed by difference, with the scope of offering to the local tourist market niche. a different experience. and at the same time unveil true pearls planted between land and sea. 

Always with good practices, environmentally friendly and preserving it hard, we intend to take the visitor to witness, feel and live what is most beautiful and unique to know in the Region. Making it known not only to the beauty that is contained in these places, but also to enable its involvement in its originality, so that it can absorb the energy inherent in these isolated and exceptional places.  

With a crew equipped with languages ​​(English, French, German and Dutch), and trained / experienced as a lifeguard and diver, together with a well-equipped vessel, we guarantee the maximum safety conditions to enjoy a visit to the Azores seas, an introduction to various maritime activities or a simple introduction to the aquatic environment.  

The training of its founders in marine biology and engineering, coupled with a young passion for nature in its purest state and all its inherent activities (snorkelling, fishing, surfing, swimming) allow for greater / better perception and knowledge. observed natural phenomena, as well as various aspects of the geography and life contained in these islands, by the established seafront. 

Using a personalized service in which customer satisfaction is a priority, we seek to give the visitor the experience of navigating the uniqueness of this sea, developing exclusive activities, with the clear objective of visiting sites that are not scrutinized and, in a way, untouched by the influence. human If you want in the Azores, discover your life in your sea, sail in uncertain, or simply spend a beautiful day on the coast, we will undoubtedly be the best and most certain option for the success of your claim. We propose to break barriers and prejudices, giving the average tourist the possibility of access to what is most beautiful and unique in the region’s sea. Using a more familiar format, not diminishing in the professionalism and competence of the service provided. In the menu of the services described, we were careful to adapt them so that they can be recruited at any time, whether in Faial, Pico or even S. Jorge. Making them reconcilable with a short passage between islands (at whaling time), or a walk around the island (with vulcanized sunset) or daily occupation with a given activity during a certain period (Other Services). With us you will always have the option to discover its deserted beach, or simply enjoy a magnificent sunset. We are also admirers of the past, the background, so come with us to learn more about the history of “whaling art” and its people at sea, or fish your own dinner as locals do. 

If you are a discoverer, like to see what no one is looking for we also have inaccessible slopes, or the most beautiful bays, or any other original plan you can think of that involves discovering, exploring or reaching by sea a piece of the coast of our islands. Whether for a day, or for more days, browse our site, you will find that we have several activities / programs implemented to offer, which you may like. Then scrutinize your tabulated price in Price list per activity and per package. Any questions or the service, do not entirely fit your wishes, we are always available for a quick consultation ( and with possibilities to make the service more flexible, in order to satisfy your desire and make your activity an experience. unparalleled. Ask us questions Ask us, we are here to show you the Azores of our eyes, where you rarely look, but well worth the time of your gaze … the time of your vacation … the time of your life . Thanks for your consultation, we look forward to your contact in order to provide you with the activity you choose.