We resort to a boat called “Atlantic Rose”, made of fiberglass and equipped with all the safety standards. Its model, a Trophy Bayliner and it was made in the US. Brought to the Azores by an American citizen afterwards was both by us. After suffering a strong transformation “Atlantic Rose” offers the best conditions to do a nice excursion to the Azorean coast waters, being flexible in different kind of activities.
With a crew that speaks several languages (Eng, fr, de, nl) and with training experience as skipper, guide, lifeguard and diver, together with a well-equipped boat,we guarantee the maximum relaxation and safety conditions, visiting the Az waters.
Using a personalized service in which customer satisfaction is a priority,we seek to give the visitor the experience of navigating the singularity of this sea coastline, with the clear objective of visiting sites that are not scrutinized and thus in a way untouched by human influence, creating a passion and unique experience.
All the details of the service are dependent on the decision of the skipper depending on the present maritime conditions on the day of the activity, consult general conditions.
For more information see our tariffs/prices by activity.
For snorkelling and/or underwater hunting packs tariffs/prices by packs
This program is developed by the maritime tourist operator named Wild Ocean on the vessel Atlantic Rose , under the maritime tourist operator license 1/2017.

All products / services mentioned on the site are the sole and exclusive responsibility of WILD OCEAN, LDA, holder of License No. 1/2017. The performance of any activity is inherent to the climatic and maritime conditions of the place at the time of the said activity. It is in this context that the decision of the occurrence of the activity underlies the approval of the staff connected to the company. It will be up to the Skipper appointed by management to make the decision of where, how and at what time.

The Skipper has the possibility to change the place, such as until the possible cancellation of the activity, until the passengers boarding time or during the said, if the security conditions are not safeguarded, making it impossible to carry out the same with the due questions of safety.

If there is a cancellation of the product / service and the consequent non-performance of the activity, the customer will be entitled to a 100% refund of the monetary amount paid. 

Email: azoreswildocean@gmail.com

Victor Slof (manager) – 914576549
João Melo (manager) – 968207772

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