you will discover a unique, pure and natural world …

… we will take you to observe our sea by another prism, with another look.

Offering to the local tourism market niche a different experience and at the same time unveiling the true 'pearls'
planted between land and sea in Faial Island






Dream Experiences

passeios turísticos de barco ilha do faial açores

Sightseeing Tour

…the unique places, the beautiful landscapes, the breathtaking view, the blue of the sky that merges with the blue of the sea in the background on the horizon…this is nature in its purest state…are you up to visit the most beautiful places in the Azores?

pesca desportiva ilha do faial açores

Fishing Trips

There is nothing better than to combine a beautiful day of tranquillity, that only the sea can provide, with fishing for your own dinner - without any of the inconvenience of preparation or cooking. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, just fish and eat!

caça submarina nos açores


For frequent and passionate practitioners or for people who want to have an intensive experience on how to make the most of the biodiversity of the waters that surround the island's coast.

símbolo capelinhos explore wildocean

Are you up to go on a walk to the most beautiful places in the Azores?

If you are an explorer, you like to see what nobody is looking for, we also have inaccessible slopes, or the most beautiful bays, or any other original plan that you can think of and that involves discovering, exploring, or reaching a part of the coast of our islands by sea.

passeio de barco ilha do faial

Singular & unique moments

We will take the visitor to witness, feel and live what is most beautiful and unique in the Region.